Spanish-English Dictionary

On this page you find an applet, which allows you to search through a dictionary for English and Spanish. The dictionary has been prepared by Josu Lavin. Many thanks to him for allowing me to use his dictionary here! The copyright remains his, and you are not allowed to extract the dictionary file from this applet.

On first use, the applet may take a while to start, since the applet archive has to be loaded into the browser cache. Further calls to this page will be faster.

The program does a simple text search through the lines of this dictionary, and presents the results in a text view. There is not much to modify the search. However, it is possible to use the following search forms

The number of found places is restricted to 400 here. Use a more restricted search to narrow the results. However, it is sometimes nice to see more results than necessary.

The copyright of this application remains with Josu Lavin. You are not allowed to use the dictionary without his permission.

The applet has been prepared by Rene Grothmann.